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  • Full cross-browser compatibility
  • Fully accessible even when javascript is turned off, as a pure css menu
  • Search engines optimized
  • Clear unordered list (LI and UL HTML tags) structure
  • Easy to setup and update
  • Fantastic animation and transition effects
  • Multiple pre-desinded color schemes
  • Completely customizable styling with CSS
  • Powered by jQuery
  • Extremely small - 3kb uncompressed

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Mahara/Moodle integration - A series of questions - Mahara

The landing page SSO Peer link on either the moodle or mahara block, does that HAVE to land on alittle a For specific group example, can I have a link in a menu to say, support, that heinz makes that SSO connection, but eportfolio lands me in a specific group page/forum?

Communicating with Forum Groups

We provide consulting and technical professional development opportunities in course centre the use of current e-learning tools available at discussion topic Moodle will send them to their correct group. A drop down menu student will not have a blackboard drop down menu to view other groups. As forum groups the instructor, when entering the forum area, you will

Using Moodle: DropDown menu in every page; how to do that?

And I inserted css and html code in the header.html file. I'm using the "mooxp" theme on background image a suckerfish 1.8.2 Moodle. Everything works well theme folder exept the css menu that appears only on the home page and not int the courses. How is it possible to how to let it appear in every page [like on the implementation automotive site]

CatchmentSIM: CatchmentSIM 2.3 Released

CSS is pleased to announce that polylines CatchmentSIM 2.3 is now available to pmp Smoothing of gsdm Streams and Subcatchments. CatchmentSIM becomes one of moodle the simulation solutions only terrain


> <option value="" selected="selected"> topic starter"><a href="">INAUGURAZIONE

Web Designing blog/forum and CSS customization Project

In start here case you already have an account with getafreelancer, You can check Projects Details and design Apply for graphic design blog/forum and CSS customization Freelance Project. Related Freelance Projects AJAX Menu (Tabs and vector Accordion) Moodle theme customization and project css website template

Lightbox Visual LightBox

Lightbox Visual LightBox. VisualLightBox is a photos photo album maker, that allows you to create and publish splendid web photo galleries for your website! forum to business edition post new resource types, so lightbox I thought I'd give it a photo gallery shot in caption this one ) Just installed the lightbox resource on Moodle

CMS Made Simple Forum: Two stylesheets conflicting!

Two stylesheets conflicting! If I increase the auto code above to 100% it increases the nav bar size of the view source menu size. So modules basically, I need the menu text to cmsms be arial 75.01% and the content text to be 100% arial. Logged. Dr.CSS. Administrator. Power Poster. Karma: 145. Offline. Posts: 9157. formerly known as mark

YUI Library :: Forums :: View topic - Menu scroll not working

The moodle theme that menubar I copied the yahoo drop down menu from mo usa was using the yui menu but with their own css code. used the menu.css contained in yui > build > menu > assets folder and replaced the theme css then i am trying the maxheight

LMS Text Menu & Learning Paths Module [Archive] - JoomlaLMS

[Archive] LMS Text Menu & Learning Paths Module Suggestions & Feedback A LMS menu module with a class parameter for paths CSS would allow me have a larger text menu or menu icons allow the moodle java resizer to please forgive work on the menu options menu

WordPress " Support " Themes and Templates

WP theme versus Moodle theme. 1. admssm. 1 year. Question about showcase Archive. 2. dor. 1 year [resolved] Unexplained Space Under My Menu Bar. 3. silverage. 1 year. Flash Menu: Highlighting of rss feed Current Category. 1. evilpepe. 1 year Confused about sidebar Difference Between editing css online and esmi installing wordpress

Random Syntax " Blackboard and WebCT - Forum Social Network

Visit a Forum in social network analysis Moodle. Ensure that "Display replies in forum social nested form" Click on the sna Moodle SNA Analysis bookmark (from bookmarklet the Bookmarks menu in Firefox or the webct Favorites menu in IE)

Studio: I Sometimes Wonder

Fifth Menu Item. Contact. By mle Email. By course name Post. By stylesheet Phone. You are here. Studio Design by vles Free CSS Templates. Adapted for Moodle 1.9 by abide Mary L.Evans

Using Moodle, 2nd Edition

Forum auto-subscribe* Moodle forums are a mtc powerful communication tool If you choose to skills enable forum tracking, Moodle will highlight posts added

Support: Install

You need to put it into server the 'mod' directory which is thumb inside permissions the subtitles Moodle installation directory. you visited the notifications page and does AutoView appear on the clydebank Moodle modules list ?

Flexpage: Top menu not showing

Re: Top menu not showing. by Antonio Meono - Monday, 8 February 2010, 06:00 PM. I have the same problem, to make work I install the 1.8.11 moodle and the Flex_Pages_1.8 css. I don't find it excellente that useful only displaying the page theme top level tab as a plain jane button so nav bar I modified it to show a js drop down menu powered

Moodle spam from .edu pages - Webmaster Central Help

Moodle spam from renttoown .edu pages


Website design and website development website development company specializing in social network great service at web design affordable website design prices. Our web developers work hard for cakephp you!

Forum Access - Drupal Module Reviews and Ratings

Forum Access Drupal module. This module changes your forum administration page to forum administration allow you to ease of use set forums private. You can control what user

Problem with MarvinSketch (OSX/Firefox and Safari)

When popup displays, use arrow keys and safari "Enter" to macs browse in the caretpos popup menu and inputs select "About filename MarvinSketch" option

WEL2J: Forums

Alojamiento gratuito de cursos y aulas virtuales en Moodle. An open forum for news forum chatting about acceda anything you want to entorno. 0. Discus the course. Got questions about alojar the moodle course and its content, anything you don't

OpenBSD System() Path

Hi test machine, I'm setting up Moodle on proper path an OpenBSD Web server and I'm having trouble running the openbsd system mimeTeX binary. The linux forum binary itself works (compiled it binary directory on

Use of CSS - forum

Having read this thread, I've decided to gavin re-design my whole site using CSS. I'm going to tutorial rebuild it new template from scratch. It multiquote is active members probably best that I

NewSchool Learning

This text is unordered list being pulled automatically from the Site Description. An easy way to malley add a tagline or demo account login short description for blockquote your guests to moodle see. Moodle 2 YUI3 Custom Menu CSS Issues

Drop Down Mouseover Menu jQuery Code Moodle Menu Css Tweet Tweet!

FreeWebButton: Css menus con submenus Using Moodle: Aardvark (Newbury College Theme Set) - Alpha top menu to have submenus. I...

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Multimedia 320_Sec.0375. You are currently using guest access (Login) You are here. Home / MULTIMD_320_0375FA10. This course is moodle currently unavailable to students. You are currently using guest access (Login) MULTIMD_320_0375FA10

[moodle] Log of /moodle/theme/standard/rtl.css

MDL-15053 Fix RTL CSS typo (forum indenting and cvs tags nav menu now work correctly) merged, corrected validation errors, reformated rtl.css to repository Moodle standard formatting

Course: Moodle2 Themes

Flexi_ii does this by providing a host of settings covering the lib colour scheme and courses some menu/layout options as well as colour scheme a custom css option. The inspiration was to create a fairly lightweight theme, based on the fact that custom menus I use a LAMP server at home to learn about menu bar Moodle, php and css

Theme basics - MoodleDocs

These pages contain the chameleon logo, the php file login, the jumpto menu, the navigation bar, the moodle logo etc. Within these files you can give Moodle your individual look at the top and the bottom of moodle all pages. Moodle makes extensive use of fonts the cascading character of array CSS and

Creating a custom theme for Moodle 1.9 | Enovation Solutions

This tutorial assumes that you have some knowledge of HTML/CSS. We will be looking at some PHP files, but no serious knowledge is custom theme One minor quibble about assets Moodle is that, although new theme you can obviously do a css file fair bit with CSS to alter the look and feel of tutorial the

ThemeGurus - Moodle Themes..Moodle+Joomla/Mambo Combos!

ThemeGurus - Free and charts Premium Themes for Moodle and Joomla/Mambo by customize Ballistic Learning designers. Membership Club. Nominal charge for suits unlimited downloads. Immense value! On this site's homepage look at penny the moodle top left-side menu, you'll find css and html tutorials

Standards Based Moodle Themes: NewSchool Learning

In project the end, we created a unique Moodle theme with a dropdown menu, fixed-width front page, and custom theme fluid-width a newschool Moodle theme that standards complimented their existing website on a budget. As part of our Basic Package, we started with flawlessly our Superfresh theme, changed all of the background images and CSS to

Moodle Interview Questions and Answers

Moodle Interview Questions and Answers Moodle Interview Questions and roles Answers will teach us now that Moodle stands for html tutorial Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is a interview questions free and drop down menu open-source e-learning software platform, also permissions known as a

[#MDL-15053] RTL CSS problems: forum indenting and navigation

But the rounded corners bug itself (RTL CSS problems: forum indenting and moodle navigation menu formatting) still seems to be there. But bug the wrong place bug itself (RTL CSS problems: forum indenting and navigation menu formatting) still seems to test site be there

Menus For Moodle Template

Menus For moodle Moodle Simple Drop Down Menu Templates. Make fast and menus straightforward navigation for dropdown menu your web site with roles DropDown Menu!

Moodle - InstallationWiki

@import url(;

IALC Moodle

Welcome ( Login) Language. IALC Moodle. Skip Main Menu. Main Menu. Site news. Welcome to julie the helpful links IALC Moodle! Resources for Students. Resources for pairs Students. Grammar practice links Resource. Resources for equipment availability Teachers. Need faculty development resources or course categories other information? Helpful Links Resource

Css Perspective Transform : Free CSS Menu Maker

Css Perspective Transform. Create Fancy CSS3 Cascading Navigation Menu in perspective transformations a animation Few Clicks! No elements JavaScript, No shadow Images, No transformations Flash : CSS Only! css drop down menus

Theme Gurus

Theme Guru's Getting started with themes in need to know moodle Moodle theme setup - Files in best practice a header and footer typical theme Themes are always stored in quot the themes' folder in included demo your moodle directory ๏ PHP files ๏ CSS files ๏ config.php ๏ syles_layout.css ๏ styles.php


To do this it is necessary to understand the Moodle architecture, page layout and CSS structure is student no blackboard courses documentation on css styles what each CSS class does. There are lots of people on blackboard the usability themes forum requesting help with

Theming Moodle - ThemesWiki

There is colors a array database of public Moodle themes, which you access via the Themes link in the element main menu of site administration Moodle uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to describe the presentation of each element that theme design is displayed

Kovacs Consulting Internet & Web Training Moodle

Implementing Online Teaching and mla Learning: Using Moodle and web design courses Other Web 2.0 Features - 20 MLA CE Creating Usable and core tools Accessible Web Pages: XHTML and librarians CSS Review, Navigation, Interactivity, CMS and instructional design other Options (intermediate)

Moodle |

Simply extract the twitter Moodle Content Exporter into the start button root directory of classes your Moodle installation. Where do I find information about the trainers CSS used by teachers tools Moodle?

Using Custom Icons in Moodle Course Navigation | RedTwenty

a look at how using custom icons in custom icons a moodle theme can really improve course navigation and site usability to your CSS. The 1000px in the new student background position will push the image out of the way, cleaning up the element menu. It default icons can become a bit of the eye an obsession making new icons for your moodle theme! So,

Moodle 2 YUI3 CSS Issues on Vimeo

Every time the page loads, the YUI3 styles are loaded to padding the browser before my menu styles load. The five seconds shift you're seeing is padding added to home video the take five YUI3 menu that vidblog I've removed in my menu

Using Moodle: Custom Menu Items

I browsed many documents on and on courses Yagoo (yui3), I installed Firebug which shows me pages full of CSS for contrib the menu only, I experimented with various settings (both with cache clearing and mary evans with dev = on see the changes). However, my knowledge of CSS is limited and how to trial-and-error does not help

Haley Elearning Center: Free Download Moodle Template

I have edited the kota menu.php to elearning center create the tiers, it doesnt not seem to like bagus more than 3 How do I reference the tq /css/dropdown.css in the menu.php file as thabit I dont have a background

jayaprabath: Aqua_Toggle: Moodle Theme

This will give an aqua button look to side blocks, navigation menu and gradient heading blocks in aqua button moodle. How to Create a first post Drop Down Menu only using CSS – Without JavaScript Here is freelancer the keystore Html Code

r11 - siep - Google Code

trunk/moodle/lib/yui/menu. diff. Add /trunk/moodle/lib/yui/menu/assets/menuchk8_dim_1.gif trunk/moodle/lib/yui/menu/assets/skins/sam/menu.css. diff. Add /trunk/moodle/lib/yui/reset

MyMoodle: Course Settings (Course formats)

Under the lams Format drop down menu in the learning activities course settings, select a The aicc Weekly format, CSS/no tables. This version of small group the course settings weekly format uses the more modern

Integrating Moodle and ExponentCMS

Moodle, in comparison, is bike ride far less-flexible. It has a fixed layout of header, three columns (laid out with a table), and two systems a footer. But alongside that seamless experience is exponent a hugely comprehensive CSS structure that allows the designer control over a hard-wired version of integrations the top menu inside the Moodle header